Network Energy Saving

  • Micallef, Gilbert, (Project Participant)
  • E. Mogensen, Preben (Project Manager)
  • Kovacs, Istvan (Project Participant)


Within an increasingly energy-aware society, network operators and equipment vendors have now got the added responsibility, and challenge, to minimize the energy consumption for manufacturing and running today's mobile networks. While major equipment vendors have already, for the last couple of years, been promoting their energy efficient products, the sharp increase in energy prices coupled with the current financial crisis, has encouraged network operators to explore methods for improving their energy efficiency. This is done with the prospect of heavily reducing their operational costs, while also improving their environmental and public image.

This project investigates the various options that network operators have for reducing their current energy consumption, while ensuring no or minimal affect on the quality of service delivered to their customers. The first phase of the project looks at the potential of a number of energy saving options, and there possible impact on a regular as well as a real network through a detailed case study.

Given the forecast boost in network traffic, driven by attractive pricing and a wide variety of smart phones, the project also looks at the evolution of existing networks, investigating which upgrade options is the most energy efficient, putting this in contrast with the performance and the total cost of ownership of the same option.
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Energy conservation
Energy utilization
Energy efficiency
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