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Sorption and transport of water vapors through building walls and facades influence indoor air quality and human comfort, building energy use, and durability of materials. Today’s measurements of moisture dynamics do not consider the critical short-term (daily) fluctuations in retention and release of water vapor relevant for real buildings. In the NOWA project researchers from Aalborg University in collaboration with a Japanese research group will apply an ensample of novel measurement methods to investigate and develop a conceptual model for the shortterm moisture dynamics of building materials. The model will consider vapor sorption hysteresis and pore structures of the materials. Both conventional (e.g. concrete, cement and wood) and new, sustainable materials based on biomass from land and sea will be included. The project results can be incorporated in simulation tools for indoor air quality towards designing healthy, sustainable, and energyefficient buildings for our Future.
Effective start/end date01/09/201831/08/2021


  • water vapor sorption
  • moisture dynamics
  • building materials