Ocean Energy Light Buoy

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The aim of this project is to develop a prototype of an ocean light emitting buoy capable of harvesting enough energy to power a LED light. The project is done in collaboration with Ocean Energy A/S Norway (OE). Aalborg University (AAU) will be the main participant in the development of the energy harvesting device and electronic components of the buoy, where Ocean Energy will be responsible for constructing the buoy itself, the light emitting diode with circuits. The energy harvesting device if build using a Magnetic Lead Screw (MLS), which is possible due to five years know-how in the field of MLS development in the department of Energy Technology of AAU. The project is organized as a development project, with four different phases. With the first phase describing the MLS buoy typology and initial design. The second phase uses simulations of the MLS buoy from ocean data found on the specific location specified by OE, for design and performance optimization. The next phase (phase three) the MLS buoy is designed on behalf of results found in the second phase. In last phase (phase four) the designed MLS buoy is tested for functionality and performance using laboratory tests (AAU) and open water tests (OE).
Effective start/end date01/08/201615/04/2018


  • Ocean Elfarm A/S: DKK1,162,339.00


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