Oil in Water meassurment - Turner TD-4100XD OiW Analyser

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As the increasing concern of global warming, the oil & gas industries are facing more and more challenge in reducing their pollutions in the air and the ocean while maintaining their production. For the offshore case, the heathy quality of the Produced Water (PW) discharged along with oil & gas production is always a vital concern. Moreover, as the “easy oil era” is gone, more and more water is being used (e.g., water flooding for enhanced oil recovery) and produced. To closely and continuously monitor the hydrocarbon composites after the treatment of PW before discharging it to the ocean, along with applying the advanced cost-effective cleaning technologies, is one fundamental solution to minimize the potential pollution of our oceans. Unfortunately, these monitoring and cleaning technologies for offshore application are still quite open from both academic research and real application point of views.

Apparently OES program is committing a number of extensive research projects on different cleaning technologies for offshore PW treatment. This proposal concerns an advanced instrument for Oil in Water (OiW) on-line monitoring, which can be used for both research and educational purposes relevant to offshore oil & gas production and exploration.

Total budget: 250,000dkr - - Det Obelske Familiefond (50%) & AAU (50%)
Short titleOiWanalyser
Effective start/end date22/05/201501/10/2015