OnlineDNA: Enhanced performance of environmental biotechnology systems through online DNA surveillance of microbial communities

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In the OnlineDNA project we will apply novel DNA technologies in a new way in order to enable fast and reliable on site identification and quantification of the important members of a given microbial community, and we will integrate this information into online surveillance and control systems for wastewater treatment. This will allow diagnosis of system failure and provide diagnostics for informed guidance on early stage interventions, operational decisions and process optimizations. The technology development will focus on the most common operational challenges within biological wastewater treatment:
- Poor settling (bulking sludge, foam formation)
- Biological P removal
- Anammox processes for nitrogen-removal

The project will provide novel knowledge and tools for transforming simple wastewater treatment plants into resource producing facilities, and will open numerous avenues for the application of microbial communities to help solve the “grand challenges” of various biotechnologies.
Short titleOnlineDNA
Effective start/end date01/01/201701/07/2021


  • Innovation Fund Denmark: DKK18,000,000.00


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