Open4Citizens. Empowering citizens to the make meaningful use of open data

  • Morelli, Nicola (Project Coordinator)
  • De Götzen, Amalia (PI)
  • Mardare, Diana (Project Manager)
  • Torntoft, Louise Klitgaard (PI)
  • Concilio, Grazia (Project Manager)
  • Molinari, Francesco (Project Manager)
  • Mulder, Ingrid (Project Manager)
  • Kun, Peter (Project Manager)
  • Jaskiewicz, Tomasz (Project Manager)
  • Aguilar, Marc (Project Manager)
  • Edman, Tomas (Project Manager)
  • Falk, Petter (Project Manager)
  • Pedersen, Janice Siboniso (Project Manager)
  • Jensen, Kjartan (Project Manager)

Project Details


A project to involve citizens to design new public services based on the use of open data.

Layman's description

The project will engage citizens, interest groups, IT experts, public authorities and Start-ups in hackathons, to develop new services based on open data. The results of the hackathons will be developed in new applicaitons and services that will be tested by citizens and possibly developed to a commercial/operative application. The knowledge from the hackathons will also be used to create OpenDataLabs, that will become a reference point for citizens to develop new services and initiatives.

Key findings

Increasing citizens' awareness of the potential of open data. Defining a methodology for the cooperation of citizens, IT experts and institutions, on the use of open data.
Short titleOpen4Citizens
Effective start/end date01/01/201630/06/2018


  • Open Data
  • Service Design
  • User Participation
  • Digital Social Innovation
  • Hackathon
  • commons


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