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To improve the overall efficiency and sustainability of energy utilization, countries around the world are vigorously promoting the development of Energy System Integration (ESI), which brings together multi-types of energy systems, especially electrical power system, natural gas system, and district heating system, to form the Integrated Energy System (IES).

At present, a great deal of research has focused on the coordinated operation of IES, but there are relatively few studies focusing on research points under the environment of energy market. When it comes to the research of IES under market competition, there are several issues needed to be considered. For example, unlike the electricity market, there is not a single market operator that operates the gas market or district heating market to obtain the maximum profit or social welfare; nearly none of the electricity markets is totally synchronized with its corresponding gas fuel market; compared with the electricity market, gas market and heating market are much less competitive and flexible; etc.

To address the problems mentioned above, this project aims to investigate the optimal operation of IES from the market perspective. The specific research objectives are as follows:

1) Propose the modeling framework of IES, including the physical integrated network topology among multi-energy systems and mathematic models for the analysis of system devices and multi-energy flows.

2) Investigate the structures and trading regulations in different energy markets, and clarify the rules for each participant in IES when biding in the multi-energy markets, then try to propose the scheme that how the electricity, gas and heat market could be integrated.

3) Present the bidding strategies for the players of IES, especially the ones needing to participate in more than one markets, to pursue the maximum of profits under the integrated market.

4) Construct and solve the optimization problems, especially the stochastic and robust optimization problems to cope with uncertainties in IES, to figure out the optimal operation strategies.

Based on the above research objectives, this project expects to develop the fundamental knowledge and provide necessary information for further research of Energy System Integration through the outcomes like research papers, solution schemes, and software.

Funding: China Scholarship Council.
Effective start/end date15/10/201814/10/2021


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