Optimization of the BornBiofuels 2nd generation bioethanol concept

  • Uellendahl, Hinrich (Project Manager)
  • Njoku, Stephen Ikechukwu (Project Participant)
  • Ahring, Birgitte Kiær (Project Manager)
  • Grell, Morten Nedergaard (Project Participant)
  • Lange, Lene (Project Participant)
  • Hilstrøm, Troels (Project Participant)
  • Mikkelsen, Marie Just (Project Participant)

Project Details


The EUDP project “Optimization of the BornBiofuels 2nd generation bioethanol concept” involves the further optimization of the 2nd generation bioethanol concept (MaxiFuels) behind the BornBiofuels (EUDP) demo project. The optimization will be carried out along a roadmap for optimization of the different process steps and their integration to lower the costs of biofuels production after a period of five years. This will result in an increase of bioethanol, biogas and hydrogen yield, reduction of energy and external enzyme input, as well as improvement in process robustness. The work tasks include laboratory tests for finding suitable microorganisms for on-site enzyme production, improvement and adaptation of the different fermentation strains and optimization of the performance of each process step in combination with modified pretreatment and hydrolysis. New process configurations will be tested on potential biomass resources, relevant for the BornBiofuels project. Small pilot testing will be performed using the improved microbial strains in the most promising process integration scheme shown in the laboratory. All testing will be in coordination with the BornBiofuels demonstration plant on Bornholm. The follow-up of a set of milestones will guarantee the continuous improvement of the concept up to a final large-scale production price of 2.00 DKK/l-ethanol.
AcronymBornBiofuels optimization
Effective start/end date01/07/200930/06/2012

Research Output

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Comparing oxidative and dilute acid wet explosion pretreatment of Cocksfoot grass at high dry matter concentration for cellulosic ethanol production

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