Nonlinear and Robust Control of Electro-mechanical Systems with Optical Sensors


Optical sensors are known from e.g. automatic opening of doors in shops or trains when a person approaches. Other applications are optical sensors used for measurement of speed and positioning of mechanical movements in steering gears, called encoders or tachometers.
The heart of a Compact Disc player is a control system that focuses and tracks optically stored information by using several optical sensors.
The purpose of the OPTOCTRL-project is to establish an international research environment in the area of robust and non-linear control theory and to develop technological expertise in control of systems with optical sensors.

A large part of the research is carried out in 2 Ph.D. projects:
* Robust and Non-Linear Control of Compact Disc players
* Intelligent Regulation of Optical Sensor Systems
Effective start/end date01/01/200501/10/2008


  • FTP: DKK5,000,000.00


Optical sensors
Robust control
Compact disk players
Control theory
Control systems