Surveillance and the City - persuasion, sociality and ethics

  • Albrechtslund, Anders, (Project Licensee)
  • Harder, Henrik, (Other)
  • Bro, Peter, (Other)
  • Vardinghus, Lykke Holst (Project Participant)


In recent years Denmark has enforced legislation, which allows for more surveillance and thus follows a series of international tendencies. Most recently the so-called tv-surveillancelaw was altered in a way so that private businesses are allowed to carry out this form of surveillance to a greater extent. The result of these changes, which became effective on July 1st 2007, will be a significantly increased tv-surveillance in the danish cities, where by far the most cameraes will be put up. For instance there is a number of initiatives taking place in danish cities at the moment, which will increase tv-surveillance considerably through 2008. Furthermore surveillance is no longer something that is connected with certain places. A number of mobile tecnologies, like for instance cameraphones and GPS-units, are becoming increasingly prominent and this makes it difficult to avoid surveillance. Thus the distinction between public and private institutions is challenged, like our perception of surveillance seems to be changing.

Our knowledge of surveillance in urban space and the significance of this is very limited in a danish context, just like the subject is underexposed in international context. Especially questions concerning the affect this surveillance has on behaviour and its ethical consequences lacks answers. It is my expectation, that this researchproject and it's empirical studies of surveillance in urban spaces can shed a light on such questions and generally contribute to expand the realm of understanding regarding surveillance. The results of the project can thus be expected to supply knowledge, which can contribute to the basis of decision in societal matters.

Effective start/end date07/05/200806/05/2011


  • Forskningsrådet for Kultur og Kommunikation (FKK)
  • Det Mangfoldige Byrum


moral philosophy
private institution
public institution


  • surveillance
  • persuasion
  • persuasive technology
  • ethics
  • social
  • sociality
  • public domain
  • urban life