Patient Safety through Intelligent Procedures in Medication (PSIP)

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The project Patient Safety through Intelligent Procedures in Medication (PSIP) deals with Adverse Drug Events (ADE) due to product safety problems, and medication errors due to human factors (HF) which are a major issue in Public Health. They endanger the patients' safety and originate considerable extra hospital costs.

Healthcare ICT applications should help to reduce the incidence of preventable ADE, by providing healthcare professionals and patients with relevant knowledge (guidelines, recommendations, etc.). However their efficiency is impeded by two major drawbacks:

- lack of reliable knowledge about ADE

- poor ability of ICT solutions to deliver contextualised knowledge focused on the problem at hand, aggravated by a poor consideration of causative HF.

The objective of the project is (1) to facilitate the systematic production of epidemiological knowledge on ADE and (2) to ameliorate the entire medication cycle in a hospital environment.

The project runs from January 2008 to June 2011and the project team consists of partners from France, Denmark, Greece, Romania, Italy, and Austria. the total budget for the project exceeds 7 Mill. €. The official project homepage can be found here:

Effective start/end date01/01/200830/06/2011


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