PhD Project: Teachers’ Beliefs and Professional Identity in Intercultural Context: Chinese teachers in Denmark

  • Wang, Li (Project Participant)

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    The globalization and internationalization process in education has seen an increase in teachers’ mobility in the past few decades, especially in the field of Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language (TCFL). The growing Chinese programs in Danish educational settings have resulted in more newcomer Chinese teachers and immigrant Chinese who have been living in Denmark for many years being hired as new educators. Due to a lack of shared values and cultures, there is cultural dissonance in the circumstance which leads to conflicting expectations and ideas on teaching and learning between teachers and students.

    The complexity of intercultural settings has brought challenges for teachers from Chinese educational culture where Confucianism prevails. Their understanding of the role of teacher as well as their beliefs about teaching and learning will be challenged. So my main interest in the project is to examine how this group of teachers experiences, perceives, and copes with the challenges in the process of developing their professional identities as well as adjusting their teaching practices in an intercultural context. Teacher learning and development is also the interest in this study. By answering the following questions, the study aims to broaden the knowledge of professional identity and teacher belief about teaching and learning in intercultural context:

    1.What beliefs do native Chinese teachers have about teaching and learning in a Danish context?
    2.How do teachers’ beliefs about teaching relate to their perceptions of professional identity in a Danish context?
    3.Do native Chinese teachers need to change their beliefs and professional identity in order to become intercultural competence professionals when teaching abroad?

    Ethnographic interviews and observations are conducted as main research strategies to gain insights from teachers’ beliefs, experiences and adjusted practices. The PHD project will take the article-based form.
    Effective start/end date01/09/201231/08/2017