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The project will focus on an emerging and challenging topic on modeling of high-frequency characteristics for magnetic components, including inductors and transformers, using physics-based concepts. Inductors and transformers are essential components in power electronics converters, for generating, distributing, and converting renewable electric energy. Using the advanced wide-band-gap components, the power electronics converters are operating at a higher frequency range. Therefore, the parasitic behaviors of magnetics components at high frequency are significant since they can introduce voltage/current resonance and oscillations to the circuit, and threaten the safe and reliable operations of the full system. This project will use efficient and suitable physical concepts of both electromagnetic couplings and material properties to digitalize the magnetic components, developing a digital-solution-based platform to further understand, predict and further optimize the high-frequency behaviors of magnetics. This project will lead to new modeling assumptions and methods of high-frequency magnetics and propose new design solutions to advance state-of-the-art magnetic technology.
Short titlePH-Mag
Effective start/end date01/01/202230/06/2022


  • AAU Engineering: DKK300,000.00


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