Platform for Ergonomic and motivating ICT-based Age-friendly woRkpLaces

  • Kyriazakos, Sofoklis (PI)

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The main objective of the PEARL project is to develop and deploy ergonomic and motivating workplaces within a smart environment for elderly employees. By this means, PEARL wants to support the extension of the working life and the intergenerational exchange between older and younger colleagues. Because of changing job requirements and age- related changes in the capabilities of older workers, further trainings and cognitive games will become essentials parts of the PEARL system. Our vision of the PEARL system foresees a seamless setup and integration within three organizational layers that employees can alternate between freely: The home, the office, and various workplaces. Especially in the creative industries sector, a flexible and comfortable working environment is key for a successful and satisfying work experience. For this reason, PEARL develops flexible solutions for the task and work flow management, for ergonomic adaptations of the workplaces themselves, as well as for training activities. With the help of innovative surface and mobile computer technology, employees will be able to choose where they want to conduct which tasks, be it at home or the various workplaces at the office. A decision support system will assist with the initial configuration of the PEARL system according to the special needs of each employee. Further modifications of workplace settings can be made manually by the employees. PEARL does not want to prescribe but to offer highly customizable support in optimizing employee well-being and productivity.
Short titlePEARL
Effective start/end date01/06/201430/11/2016

Collaborative partners

  • Austrian Institute of Technology (lead)
  • RRD
  • Singular Logic
  • RFID Specialisten


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