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    This research project is about political equality and voting. The overarching research question that the project seeks to answer is that of what political equality requires with respect to voting in parliamentary or municipality elections. Does political equality, for example, require that 1) the publication of exit and opinion poll results is morally permissible and should be legally permissible, 2) the one person-one-vote principle should be upheld, 3) voting should be done in secrecy and 4) Voting Advice Applications (VAAs) should be available such that voters can get advice on which party/candidate best represents their policy preferences. The project consists of four sub-projects (SPs), and each sub-project focuses on one of the assertions in the set 1) – 4). Each SP seeks to answer the question of what political equality requires when it comes to the questions that assertions 1) - 4) respectively constitutes an answer to. The project has been awarded 4.96 million DKK in funding (752000 USD).
    Short titlePolitical equality and voting matters
    Effective start/end date01/09/201731/08/2023


    • Political philosophy


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      Antje Gimmler (Participant)

      23 Aug 2017

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