The politics of incremental ideational change

  • Carstensen, Martin B. (Project Participant)

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    The aim of this Ph.D.-project is to create a new approach to the study of political ideas in public policy. Building on theories from the 'ideational turn' in political science, the project proposes a relational approach to ideas that focuses on how ideas develop incrementally and how this affects the ways politicians can use ideas strategically. The signal contribution of the research project is to provide a new relational approach to the study of ideas that theorises, elucidates and empirically demonstrates the mechanisms through which ideas can change incrementally. Thus, by emphasizing the microstructure of ideas, the project aims to bring ideational research closer to pinpointing the mechanisms through which ideational change occurs. Empirically the project studies how the political system reacted to the financial crisis of 2008, both the immediate response (state guarantee, re-capitalisation) and the long-term changes in regulation of the financial sector.
    Effective start/end date01/10/200901/03/2011


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