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The Post-Human Architect project intends to achieve these specific concrete objectives:
1) Design and disseminate a framework of skills accompanying the green transition. Post-Human Architect skills framework will identify and describe those hard and soft skills with a specific reference to decentralized areas; 2) Design, test and disseminate a training methodology with training tools to be used by VET trainers in their activities with learners from decentralized areas; 3) Design, test and disseminate an educational game to practice the skills of Post-Human Architect in an informal, interactive and attractive way. The game will allow VET systems in decentralized areas to deliver a more attractive training offer; 4) Create a certification system, in line with national and European qualification frameworks, for recognition and certification of Post-Human Architect skills. The European Skills Agenda highlights the importance for learners to prove their skills and communicate them when applying for further learning or for a job. The project will therefore provide VET organisations and learners with a recognised certificate linked with Europass.
Short titlePost-Human Architect
Effective start/end date01/01/202231/12/2023

Collaborative partners

  • Changemaker Educations
  • Einurd
  • Farm Cultural Park
  • IC-Geoss
  • Sineglossa


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