Product Innovation in Networks (network project)

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    In the globalization of enterprise three critical incentives for the product innovation process are worth emphasizing: intense international competition through an increase in the number of competitors competing at a certain performance level; fragmented market demand as customers and end-users demand high performance and reliability; and alternative and rapidly changing technologies resulting from increased knowledge of and access to new technology. As studies show that product innovation is of vital importance to the growth and opportunities of most manufacturing enterprises, many enterprises employ new business strategies, new organizational principles, new business processes, and new, available technologies to improve the product innovation process. The aim of this project is to present an analytical framework for evaluation of product innovation in networks in Danish industry. The overall objective of the research is to develop a foundation, which can form the basis of a series of case studies in the explorative research phase of product innovation. The outcome of the research will be a joint book project concerning Product Innovation in Networks between researchers and industry. External partners: Linco - Trading A/S, General Manager Svend Lindholst; Ansager Møbler A/S, General Manager Frank Sørensen; Aasted Consult, General ManagerJohn Chr. Aasted; Lyngsø Industries, Salesmanager Kjeld Ole Nielsen; Grundfos A/S, PT-Project Manager Wolfgang Schröder, Manager Erik Lou, Teknologi Chef Peter Karlsen; NEG Micon A/S, Project Manager Steffen Sørensen; LEGO SYSTEM A/S, Project Manager John Sahlertz; Bang & Olufsen A/S, Development Manager Bjarne Gedsted; DTI, Project Manager Boris Wortmann; Danfoss A/S, Strategy Manager Carsten Christensen. Coordinator: Kim R Bohn, AAU. CIP project Group: Peter Lindgren, Poul Kyvsgaard Hansen. Project duration: 2000 to 2002.
    Effective start/end date31/12/200331/12/2003