Promotion and Dissemination of the Mobile Information Society (PRODEMIS)

  • Mihovska, Albena D. (Project Coordinator)
  • Platbrood, Fanny (Project Participant)
  • van Muijen, Robert (Project Participant)
  • Widiawan, Angorro (Project Participant)
  • Lancashire, Julie (Project Participant)
  • Guarneri, Renata (Project Participant)
  • Karetsos, George (Project Participant)

Project Details


The project consortium counts seven major European organizations and is coordinated by Aalborg University (CPK). Its activities follow a three-pronged approach with an objective of establishing synergy among projects, researchers and organizations primarily within Europe but ultimately worldwide. The three basic activities are technology watch, concertation and dissemination. The output of the project is a series of public reports covering all areas of mobile communications and roadmaps leading to a vision for the future of wireless communications. Additionally, the project maintains an open Web Discussion space ( where researchers can meet and post questions, opinions or news about on-going research activities. The project is a pillar within the cluster activities of all Mobile and Satellite IST projects. Dissemination activities are focused (but not limited to) the publication of a three-volume book set to reflect upon scientific work and results of the projects of the Fifth European Framework programme. (A. Mihovska)
Effective start/end date31/12/200431/12/2004


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