Protein valorization through informatics, hydrolysis, and separation

  • Gregersen, Simon (PI)
  • Overgaard, Michael Toft (Project Applicant)
  • Hansen, Egon Bech (Project Manager)
  • Bang-Berthelsen, Iben (Project Coordinator)
  • Jacobsen, Charlotte (PI)
  • García Moreno, Pedro Jesús (PI)
  • Marcatili, Paolo (PI)

Project Details


Goal: How to take waste products from the agricultural and fermentation industry and turn it into a valuable resource. Our goal is take the crude proteome for waste products, characterize it, and find applications for embedded peptides in other industries such as food/feed and pharma.

The Project is carried out in collaboration with the Danish Technological University (DTU) and funded by the Danish Fund for Innovation (Innovationsfonden)
Effective start/end date01/09/201730/09/2022


  • Department of Chemistry and Bioscience, Faculty of Engineering and Sciences , Aalborg University , Aalborg , Denmark.: DKK500.00


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