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Plant production faces very large challenges in the future. Some are predictable, such as increased water and fertilizer restrictions. Some are unpredictable and even more threatening, such as weather extremes due to climate changes. Today and in the future there will be a huge market demand for robust, water and nutrient efficient crops. We believe that the key to develop such crops lies in exploitation of a resource that has not yet been fully realized: Deep roots. This trait will enable plants to sustain growth under extended periods of drought and will allow them to capture more fertilizer. Our vision is to make wheat, barley, potato, and grass crops that:- Have 30% longer roots - Show 20% higher yield under drought- Take up 10% more nitrogen (N)- Increase our market shares with 5% and beyondDue to technical and scientific limitations such ambitious improvements have never been achieved before, despite strong efforts internationally. But we believe we can do it now because: 1) We have a novel strategy on how to combine in-field root monitoring with a simultaneous selection for the deepest roots 2) Combined with break-through in genetic marker systems we can now implement selection for deep roots very fast in our breeding systems, 3) We have a genuine collection of breeding material, 4) we have established marketing and sales channels in Denmark and in foreign countries. The sooner we can start this up the sooner we can distinguish ourselves in the international competition and offer protected but outstanding solutions.
Effective start/end date01/01/201501/05/2019


  • Innovation Fund Denmark: DKK10,317,000.00