Radio Resource Management

  • E. Mogensen, Preben (Project Participant)
  • Ramiro-Moreno, Juan (Project Participant)
  • Outes Carnero, José (Project Participant)

Project Details


Antenna arrays are one of the techniques, which can help achieving the requirements for high-speed data services in third generation wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) systems. Previous studies have mainly focused on deriving robust base band algorithms, selection of optimum antenna configurations (i.e. number of elements, single polarised versus dual polarised elements, etc.), and link level performance evaluations of potential antenna array schemes. However, little attention has been given to network aspects when introducing antenna arrays in WCDMA systems. Radio Resource Management (RRM) algorithms such as Admission Control (AC), Congestion Control (CC), and Handover Algorithms (HA) still need to be investigated further to support antenna arrays, and eventually obtain maximum capacity gain. (Juan Ramiro, José Outes Carnero, Preben E. Mogensen; Klaus I. Pedersen, Nokia)
Effective start/end date31/12/200331/12/2003