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With the development of the distributed generation systems, the application of grid-connected inverter is extremely widespread. The existence of the grid impedance will deteriorate the control of inverter and affect the system stability, which makes the harmonic resonance between the grid-connected inverter and the grid more and more frequent. The impedance analysis method has become an important method to study the interactive stability of a grid-connected inverter and grid.

Grid impedance affects the stability and control performance of grid-connected power electronic devices such as inverters used to integrate wind and solar energy. Adaptive control of such inverters to guarantee stability under different grid conditions requires real-time measurement of the grid impedance performed online by the inverters themselves. This Ph.D. project is expected to provide the systematic research results about real-time impedance identification and control for three-phase power electronic systems. The research results are expected to be helpful for the application of impedance analysis method into the power system research.

Funding: Dept. of Energy Technology.
Effective start/end date01/09/201831/08/2021


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