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Despite a rapidly increasing body of research dealing with barriers and opportunities of the circular economy transition in various industries, there is still limited detailed insights to many of the critical transition aspects in current literature. Previous scientific work dealing with reuse of building materials in a Norwegian context is scarce. Furthermore, current knowledge on Norwegian conditions is primarily industry reports written for practitioners based upon anecdotal experiences.

Even if there exists distinctive regulations, practices and documentation methods for (new) building products, similar assessment systems for reused construction products do not exist, neither in the regulations nor as voluntary systems. Most of existing policies and regulations are either complex, lack integration or fragmented over the different policy levels. In addition, due to specific national conditions, results of international studies have a need for contextualising to be relevant for the Norwegian building industry. There is thus a need to develop an improved and research-based understanding of aspects particularly relevant for Norway.

The main objective of REBUS is to develop knowledge that will enable wider and more efficient implementation of reusable building materials for a transition to a circular built environment.

Approaches and methods
- Analyse user awarness, knowledge, needs, social practice to find solutions and create a knowledge platform
- Identify best methods for assessing both technoical performance and content of hazardous substances in construction products or components that are considered for reuse
- Identify how existing evaluation and labelling methods can be developed for communicating reusable materials in a life-cycle perspective
- Co-produce implementation of practical knowledge of assessed methods and solutions through pilot projects
- Develop network strategies and recommendations for incitements through procurement and regulations
Effective start/end date01/01/202031/12/2024