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Experimental investigations of the energy and indoor comfort performance of different control strategies for a smart ventilated window.

The window component is based on the ClimaWin concept. Development of air solar collector and PCM energy storage. Intake ventilation air through the smart window will be preheated by a solar air collector and excess solar heat will be stored in PCM material for later use. During summer night cooling will be used to remove heat from the PCM storage allowing precooling of intake air. The task will include development and optimization of solar air collector, night cooling and PCM storage for winter and summer conditions. The methodologies will include a combination of theoretical analysis, simulation exercises and experimental laboratory tests. Development of heat pump system for exhaust air heat recovery. Exhaust air heat recovery is obtained by an air to water heat pump for domestic hot water production. Based on simulation control strategies will be developed for control of air flow to optimize IAQ as well as solar energy harvesting and heat recovery.
Short titleReCO2ST - Smart ventilated window controller experimental tests
Effective start/end date08/01/201931/01/2020