Recruitment, Education and Career in the Police. A European, longitudinal study (RECPOL)

Project Details


This project studies what characterises the individuals recruited to police work, and how their values and views on policing and related issues are shaped by police education and training, and by their socialisation into the practice of policing and the professional culture(s) of the police. Police students in a range of European countries will take part in a study which will follow them through their education and into their careers as police officers.

Data is collected through surveys including questions about attitudes and preferences students bring to their education, as well as the experience they gain through education and working life. By facing the respondents with similar questions in different phases of their careers, a development of attitudes, preferences and adoption of norms will be measured. Thus, some core questions are repeated in the various phases, and other questions are added to relate to their specific professional situation. Respondents will be followed longitudinally. Four phases for data collection for each panel is planned:
Phase 1 at the start of the education to get data about recruitment, motivation and early attitudes.
Phase 2 at the end of the education to get knowledge of experiences of the education, the development of a professional identity as well as thoughts of the future work.
Phase 3, three years after finished education to get knowledge about the respondents meeting with their work, reflections about the education, their own competence present tasks and work related attitudes.
Phase 4, six years after finished education to get knowledge about development in what is mentioned above.

The Danish study has two cohortes/panels:

Cohorte 1: Police students getting a professional bachelor's degree, 3 years education. The phase 1 survey was conducted among 480 police students enrolled at the police school/the bachelor study in 2012-2013. Phase 2 is being conducted now (2015-2016).

Cohorte 2: Police students getting the new 2-year police education (implemented in 2016). The phase 1 survey is conducted among 456 students in 2016.

The Danish study is conducted in corporation between Aalborg University (CGS) and The Danish Police (Rigspolitiet).
Effective start/end date15/06/201230/08/2017