Refinement of raw Fish-oil

Project Details


This research project, funded by a local industry (FF of Denmark, Skagen), is aimed at producing refined oil products from raw fish-oil material, by means of enzymatic methods. The project involves the screening of suitable lipid-metabolizing enzymes from different biological sources. Typically, we are working with native enzymes from an ?in house? collection of bacterial strains as well as recombinant proteins from plants (Arabidopsis thaliana). We are particularly interested in the molecular cloning of the corresponding genes, for recombinant expression (in E. coli) and genetic manipulations. We use a range of spectroscopic methods (FTIR, fluorescence, NMR) and chromatographic methods (TLC, GC) to analyze the lipids resulting from the enzymatic reactions. A method leading to the enrichment of particular fatty-acids from the raw fish-oil has been developed in our laboratory with the most suitable enzyme implemented in the process. (Laurent Duroux, Amare Gessesse, Reinhardt Wimmer, Evamaria Petersen, Steffen B. Petersen)
Effective start/end date19/05/201019/05/2014