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This is a project initiated by IBC ( and SEA ( Its aim is manifold. The project aims to contribute to i) foster entrepreneurship, business development and SME growth in the Northern Jutland region of Denmark, ii) further the lifelong learning in the region, and iii) nurture wider participation of local communes in the university-business cooperation initiatives.

To achieve the above aims, the project is divided into four stages, each having different scopes of activities. The first stage targets businesses from within AAU incubator and BSc and MSc students studying International Business Economics and International Marketing at IBC. It is a pilot stage, during which companies and students will be brought together (e.g., via company fairs) to generate opportunities for semester projects, internships, and theses; thus engaging students in solving real life company issues/tasks, on one hand, and arousing companies’ commitment and engagement as well as their eagerness for lifelong learning. This stage partly - at BSc level only - has already been implemented in spring of 2011 with initial positive feedback from both participants: entrepreneurs and students.

The second stage builds on the experience gained in the first stage. Retaining the same aim as for the first stage (students’ perspective and companies’ perceptive), this second stage extends its scope by developing a two year Entrepreneurship MSc program. As an example, the program will start in the autumn semester with a semester project during which companies and the students will have a chance to learn more about each other and to identify one or set of problems a company faces; in the spring semester project, the students will work on an identified problem; the students will then have the opportunity to have their internship in the company for up to 6 months during the autumn semester; with the possibility to write their master dissertation on the basis of the company.

In the third stage, the project will extend its scope by engaging local communes in this education and lifelong learning process, including public policy agenda. One of the aims during this stage would be to have the local communes as an active partner in the businesses-students projects.

The forth stage will have its scope enlarged by engaging students across the university in the university-business-local communes collaboration.

All four stages will also have a research component.
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  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business development
  • Regional development
  • Knowledge transfer


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