Reliability of Capacitors in Power Electronic Systems (ReliaCap)

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Power electronics enables efficient generation (e.g. from renewable energy sources) and consumption (e.g. motors, electric cars, appliances) of electrical energy by using power electronic converters, which consist of semiconductor devices, capacitors and other components. Capacitors dominant the failures (i.e. nearly 30%), cost and size in power electronic systems. This project addresses better understanding of reliability of capacitors under various electrical, thermal and environmental stresses. It will develop associated innovative design tools for optimal selection and reliable operation of capacitors, taking advantage of new reliability prediction models based on physics-of-failure approach, lifetime verification by accelerated testing and on-line active control of the stressors (e.g. temperature). The outcome will be a new paradigm in the research on reliability of power electronics, proven design tools released to public and a cost-effective solution for industry to achieve more reliable and more efficient power electronic systems for renewable sources and energy efficient applications. At the same time, improved reliability could reduce maintenance cost, reduce environmental impact and reduce the risk of suppliers of power electronic products, and thereby consolidate Denmark's strong position in this technology area.
Effective start/end date01/01/201331/12/2014


  • The Danish Council for Independent Research| Technology and Production Sciences: DKK2,245,735.00


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