Remote: Using Floating Car Data for Traffic Monitoring

  • Lahrmann, Harry (Project Participant)
  • Torp, Kristian (Project Participant)
  • Group, The Traffic Reseach (Project Participant)
  • A/S, M-Tec (Project Participant)
  • A/S, Euman (Project Participant)

Project Details


Establishing and maintaining loop detectors in roads is costly. This project aims at determining whether the GPS technology in clients (or cars) will be able to provide the same information with lower operational and maintenance costs. Through this project it was recognized that the GPS registrations would be able to ”draw a curve” of the traffic flow in a geographical area - if a sufficient number of cars in the area had the equipment installed and in fact did sent data to a central server.
Effective start/end date01/08/200330/04/2004


  • Viking, Tempo Program, Co-Funded by the European Commission: DG TREN


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