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  • Jensen, Kristoffer, (Project Manager)
  • Graugaard, Lars, (Project Manager)

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    Re:New is a digital arts forum with three main activities:
    Artistic creation
    Academic research
    Tutoring and dissemination
    Digital art has emerged as an independent expression that incorporates elements from all traditional art forms. It utilizes techniques and expressions that lie well outside the range of the traditional art forms, resulting in a set of aesthetics that are not confined to or explained by the traditional art forms. The central aspect of digital art is that it emphasizes expressions and effects only possible with the use of a digital system – a computer.
    The main activity of Re:New – Digital arts forum is the annual Re:New Festival/Conference in which the latest digital art from all over the world is presented and discussed, and where its methods are taught. Re:New's artistic emphasis makes it unique and in best accordance with the changing ecology of the global creative environment.
    Re:New emphazises global artistic values, which is seen as an inherent aspect of digital arts’ democratic scope.


    Effective start/end date01/01/2006 → …


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