Research on Modelling and Simulation technology for Large-Scale Wind Turbine

  • Chen, Zhe (Project Participant)
  • Hu, Weihao (Project Participant)

Project Details


The project aims to develop a dynamic simulation model of large-scale wind turbine. The dynamic simulation model of large-scale wind turbine form wind condition, rotor blades, drive-train, electrical control system to grid connected system will be researched and developed based on the theory of aerodynamics, mechanical transmission, electrical control system and power system. The coupling mechanism between different parts will be researched, and the integral modeling and simulation of large-scale wind turbine under different wind and grid conditions will be carried out, then the electrical and mechanical characteristics of wind turbine under different operation conditions will be analyzed.

The research findings in this project can provide the technical and theoretical support for Sino-Danish wind power research institutes and companies to carry out the large-scale wind turbine design, test and verification, improve the capacity of large-scale wind turbine technical innovation and testing capability.
Effective start/end date01/01/201331/12/2014


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