Resources, Land, Law, Property Rights, and Development

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The Centre for Development, Innovation and International Relations (CDIIR) of Department of Economics, Politics and Public Administration, Aalborg University, has adopted the title as a research domain within its stream: Environment, Resources, Technology, Innovation and Development (STID).

Study programmes to be developed will focus on two levels:
The more technical level focus on geographical information systems applied by municipalities and other local government and their interaction with governmental information systems. The task is to build capacities to enable local government units to a) better serve their populations through information systems regarding their utility services, financed through local fees, and to b) assist them in complying with national legislation and linking with state information systems, especially on property taxation.

The more administrative level regards the description and analysis of rules and norms which applies to immobile property and the related transactions and information flows. Here the education shall provide guidance on how to identify relevant policy issue networks and how to assess the efficiency of property transactions within the frame of institutional economics.

The research is expected to be co-financed through external resources and temporarily staffed with a post-doc.


Effective start/end date01/07/200731/12/2008

Collaborative partners

  • Yildiz Technical University (Project partner)


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