Resurfacing of joint cartilage with a novel tissue-engineered impant

  • Zachar, Vladimir (Project Participant)
  • Pilgaard, Linda (Project Participant)
  • Lund, Pia (Project Participant)

Project Details


The project aims at a development of hyaline cartilage prosthetics with improved histomorphological and biomechanical properties. The cartilage construct will be grown ex vivo using a selected population of fat-derived mesenchymal stem cells, optimized growth conditions, and a proprietary scaffold coated with growth factors. This project is a joint venture with Aarhus Orthopedic Clinic (Prof. K. Søballe and Assoc. Prof. M. U. Winther) and is supported from Danish Medical  Research Council for the duration of four years. Persons involved: V. Zachar, L. Pilgaard, P. Lund.
Effective start/end date01/01/201031/12/2010


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