The role of trade unions and coordination in local governance networks

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This research project aims to understand the emergence and functionality of a number of self-initiated local governance networks on the Danish labor market consisting of trade unions, public employment centers, educational institutions, firms and/or employer organizations.

The project includes three cases in which such networks have been formed in order to tackle particular challenges on the local labor market. The case-studies include

1) an offshore-network in the town of Esbjerg working to recruit and train workers for maintenance work on oil rigs and offshore installations
2) the Lindø-network near the town of Odense that was formed in order to organize a number of extraordinary employment measures in the wake of the closure of the Lindø Shipyard in 2010-12
3) the "construction boom network" situated in the western part of the Central Denmark Region working to avoid bottlenecks and labor shortage in the construction sector in connection with a number of public investments in infrastructure and the building of new "super hospitals".

The project is financed by contributions from the Danish Trade Union Confederation (LO), The United Federation of Danish Workers (3F), and the Danish Metalworkers Trade Union.
Effective start/end date01/12/201331/12/2014


  • LO, 3F og Dansk Metal: DKK600,000.00


  • Governance
  • Trade unions
  • Retraining
  • Unemployment
  • Labor shortage


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