Sampling - and analysis - of heterogeneous materials and industrial processes

  • Julius, Lars Petersen (Project Participant)

Project Details


Under this general heading, two Ph.D. programs were started medio 2001, wiz. Lars Petersen and Casper K. Dahl. The former will primarily address theoretical and didactic sampling issues as well as carry out several types of practical industrial sampling; the latter will focus on the possibilities for "proxy-sampling" by image analytical means (including AMT a.o.), while equally involved in the didactic TOS field. Both PhD programs will focus on the interrelationships between sampling, analytical chemistry and chemometrics. The first six months were primarily oriented towards initial theoretical studies (TOS, AMT, MIA, philosophy of science), while contributing significantly to the successful start of a new research community at AUE, especially involved in the practical build up of ACACSRG's laboratory facilities (IT, software, homepages, experimental rigs). (Lars Petersen, Casper K. Dahl, Kim H. Esbensen, Lars P. Houmøller)
Effective start/end date01/07/200131/12/2005