Scoping out persistent patellofemoral pain with a view to developing management solutions: a scoping review and logic model of the problem

  • Machado, Eliane (CoI)
  • Brushøj, Christoffer (Project Participant)
  • Bruun, Malene Kjær (Project Participant)
  • Chang, Alison (Project Participant)
  • Christensen, Robin (Project Participant)
  • Djurtoft, Chris (Project Participant)
  • Hansen, Rudi (Project Participant)
  • Henriksen, Marius (Project Participant)
  • Smith, Benjamin (Project Participant)
  • Souto, Larissa (Project Participant)
  • Rathleff, Michael Skovdal (PI)
  • Vicenzino, Bill (PI)

Project Details

Effective start/end date01/03/2023 → …