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This project addresses the pressing topic of a secure ICT platform for operation and management of connected societies. By secure, we mean guaranteeing the correctness of operational decisions and maintaining data-privacy of the involved parties. In particular, the latter goes beyond the current state- of-the-art solutions, which involve trusted third parties. Connected societies are combinations of socio-, cyber- and physical systems. Examples of cyber-physical systems (CPS) include next-generation power grids, water networks (waste and potable), manufacturing, and transportation systems. Modern CPSs are composed of a large number of interacting distributed entities, which communicate with each other on common situational awareness to be able to make critical operational decisions. This interaction between entities more often than not requires exchange of privacy-sensitive information and requires trust in the system. Specifically, SECURE focuses on a privacy-preserving ICT platform. By combining efforts from control theory, secure computation, distributed optimization, and techno- anthropology, we strive to firstly develop security-theory grounded in the user-centred perspective. Secondly, we implement theory in a software toolbox to verify our scientific hypotheses. Thirdly, we perform a proof-of-concept test in a lab environment and disseminate the project findings for the general public, with the aim of cultivating public consciousness on technology and data-privacy.
Short titleSECURE
Effective start/end date01/04/201830/11/2021


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