Self Energy-Supporting Autonomous Computation

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SENSATION aims at increasing the scale of systems that are self-supporting by balancing energy harvesting and consumption up to the level of complete products. In order to build such Energy Centric Systems, embedded system designers face the quest for optimal performance within acceptable reliability and tight energy bounds. Programming systems that reconfigure themselves in view of changing tasks, resources, errors and available energy is a demanding challenge. The lack of effective design-time support for taking on this hallenge obstructs the creativity and productivity of design teams. This is an impediment to European companies developing embedded components, devices, and platforms, and is a major obstacle to developing self-supporting systems.
SENSATION will free the system design process by devising energy-centric modeling and optimization tools for the design of resource-optimal reliable systems. This depends on orchestrated, non-incremental progress in several research domains. The project combines Europe’s leading scientists in model-based quantitative evaluation and optimization, and in low-power reconfigurable systems.
Effective start/end date01/10/201230/09/2015


  • FP7 FET Proactive


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