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The focus of this project is to develop newer approaches to design services, fousing on teaching entrepreneurial and value-creating actions and ways of thinking. The master has a strong component on user participation and social innovation. Therefore, a natural development of the academic curriculum (which would require extra funding) would be the addition of a focus on implementing entrepreneurship and new businesses, methods and processes within existing organizations. In this Master education, knowledge about Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be integrated in several ways: Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be a part of the main curriculum in the third semester of the education, where the focus is on examining the students' field of studies and future professional life in a new framework by
introducing business aspects into their academic work. This is achieved through two courses on industrialization of services and on strategies, innovation and business models, as well as a project focused on innovation in connection with a company.
Effective start/end date01/09/201430/09/2015


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