Simulation of serial sectioning in spherically cellular materials


    The objective of the project is to simulate a real experiment in which the cellular (spherical) microstructure is investigated on plane sections through the material. Dedicated software has been developed for the simulation of a spatial distribution of microstructural entities as well as uniform, random cross-sections. The second-order statistical quantities have been calculated for different 3D dispersions of spherical inhomogeneities. These quantities can be related to their 2D counterparts obtained on simulated cross sections. Having known the simulated 3D structure and the collection of 2D sections it is possible to create correlation maps, which relate 2D information to selected configurations of 3D microstructure. The project still awaits a comparison analysis with physical samples investigated by the X-ray microtomography. Nevertheless, a user-friendly numerical algorithm has been completed. Financed by Statens Teknisk-Videnskabelige Forskningsråds Rammeprogram Structurally Graded Polymeric Materials.... The project is finished. (Bogdan Bochenek, Ryszard Pyrz)
    Effective start/end date19/05/2010 → …