Simulation and verification of transients in large Wind Turbine Power Plants

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 This project is a continuation of the project ?Simulering af vindkraftværker?. The goal is to evaluate the dynamic characteristics for network grids with large wind turbine power plants connected, and evaluate and improve simulation programmes for simulation of the dynamic characteristics. These simulation programmes can be used to evaluate the stability and reliability of the network grid, and will therefore play an important role in the planning and development of the future network grid. The examines programs are DigSilent and EMTDC. The build models in the programs are verified with actual measurements on the Hagesholm Wind Farm. Therefore, in the first part of the project, the actual tests to be made are simulated to evaluate the risk of danger on the different components in the network grid and in the windmills, when making the tests. The tests performed at Hagesholm have been disconnection of some windmills at the 10 kV terminal at the windmill and by the circuit breaker on the collection cable at the substation,change of tap-changer position on the transformer, islanding of two windturbines and emergency stop at one windturbine. When using the set up models most of the simulations show good agreement with measured values for both the DigSilent and the EMTDC program. Further, also some short circuit simulations have been performed where the two programs shows similar results. The result of the project is a Benchmark model with the purpose to give users with such windmill connection to the network grid, a simulation case with given data values and show which results should be expected. The project is made as an Elkraft System PSO-F&U 2001 project. The project has finished summer 2003. (Birgitte Bak-Jensen, Hans Nielsen, Poul Sørensen, Anca Hansen, Risø-VEA/EDS, Peter Christensen, Morten Mieritz, NVE, John Bech, NEG-Micon Control Systems A/S).
Effective start/end date01/07/200130/06/2003


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