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SKILLS is an Integrated Project whose main purpose is the acquisition, storing and transfer of human skills by means of multimodal interfaces, robotics and virtual environment technologies. To this purpose, a number of tasks are selected from the fields of surgery and rehabilitation, sports and entertainment, and industry. Analysis of these tasks when executed by skilled persons is expected to provide knowledge of what are the cognitive/perceptual attributes that may determine a successful execution. This knowledge will set the basis for the design of methodologies that can be used to map these attributes into digital representations, hence, making possible to archive them and to render them through visual, haptic and auditory modalities using virtual environments. Within this framework AAU is primarily involved in providing the necessary sound technology and knowledge on human sound perception. Methodologies for the generation of three-dimensional sound, e.g. binaural technique, will be evaluated in terms of their suitability to enhance the acquisition and transfer of skills.
Effective start/end date01/10/200601/10/2011


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