Smart citizen-centered local electricity to heat systems (SMARTCE2H)

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The SMARTCE2H project conducts test and demonstration activities on integrating electricity and heat systems in South-West Salling villages in Skive Municipality. These tasks are enabled by working closely with local citizens, authorities and stakeholders of the villages for establishing a community-based transition of the heating supply from natural gas and oil boilers to electric heating, where the municipality aims for achieving a goal of being CO2-neutral in 2029. The project will conduct a comprehensive analysis on how such local electricity to heat energy systems and the local grid at the demonstration sites can be optimized to form a local integrated community energy system for cost-effective operation of the energy systems and boosting of local renewable energy sources. The two main demonstration activities in the project include: i) Demonstration of intelligent operation of heat pumps with salt-hydrate storage in households and ii) Demonstration of a booster heat pump and salt-hydrate storage to enhance the temperature level in the far out end of a district heating network. The project enables to establish strong local low-carbon communities in the future with large user involvement, better energy infrastructures and cheaper energy supply, and paves growth of smart energy technologies and companies in the countryside.
Effective start/end date01/03/201928/02/2022


  • EUDP: DKK7.66


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