Solidarity beyond the Nation State

  • Siim, Birte (Project Participant)
  • Banting, Keith (Project Participant)

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    The politics of the welfare state has been reshaped by complex diversity that lies of the heart of this project. The politics of redistribution were rooted in class-based politics, with the most expansive welfare states emerging in societies with high level of union debnsity, strong labour organisations and dominant parties of the left. The contempory politics of redistribution has been redefined as complex diversity. At the level of political instritutions new patterns of multi-level governance multiply the number of authorative decision sites. At the level of political coalotions, historic class alignment have weakened, and cultural difefrence compete for attention. Multicultural diversity is central to this debate. Many analysts argue that immigration and ehthnic diversity erode trust and solidarity among citizens, fragmenting traditional redistributive coalitions. Complex diversity represents a compelling challenge in Europe. Conada however, offers an instructive comparator. The section of the project addresses one of the most compelling challenges facing western democracies. How can we maintain and sgtrengthen the bonds of community in ethnically diverse societies? How can we reconcile growing levels of multivultural diversity and the sense of common identity which sustains the norms of mutural support and underpin a generous welfare state? Can we find a stable political equilibrium among immigratioin, multuculturalism policies and social redistribution?
    Effective start/end date01/06/201101/06/2014


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