Spatial Planning and development in the experience society

  • Therkildsen, Hans Peter, (Project Participant)

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Spatial planning and development in the Danish municipalities are dependant on numerous aspects. According to the growth of society, opportunities and constraints arise and diminish through time. Lately, events and experiences have emerged as an important part of social and economic geography of places. Cities and regions strive to be competitive and attractive in a local and global context and in that respect a growing demand for extraordinary events has brought experience economy into attention. Moreover, many western cities, with unfavourable conditions in the knowledge economy, are still trying to find a feasible replacement for declining industries. In connection to that the rise of the experience society also offers new opportunities and challenges. Hence, this project sets out to establish how this new development perspective affects spatial development and planning. The research area is approached from the local authority perspective, but with awareness of the potential in various modes of collaboration with a wide array of actors and stakeholders.

The overall method applied is case study research with multiple data sources.  The Danish town Frederikshavn constitutes the main case as it represents a striking example of flexibility and conversion to new ideas, which is evident in the municipal approach to planning and actual initiatives. The case of Frederikshavn will be supplemented and discussed with other cases or examples from Scandinavia.
Effective start/end date03/09/200715/12/2010


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