Spiderweb: a mobile social network

  • Sapuppo, Antonio (Project Participant)

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Spiderweb is a mobile social network application implemented in Java ME. 

Spiderweb partly relies on the Internet connectivity thus offers several services already well-known from other social networking sites as Facebook and MySpace. In fact, users are able to create their profile and invite other users in their social networks. Users are also able to search people on the basis of certain filter criteria, exchange messages, let other users know their current position and keep in touch with their friends.

Additionally, Spiderweb uses Bluetooth connectivity to allow devices to establish direct connections between them using the short range communication. In Spiderweb, users within the Bluetooth range are part of a virtual world. The virtual world and the interaction between the users change depending on the location of the user. Spiderweb creates a virtual representation of the people within the Bluetooth range of the user.

Effective start/end date04/08/200830/10/2009


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