SQoS Based Network Planning for Wired and Wireless Infrastructures

  • Madsen, Ole Brun (Project Participant)
  • Riaz, Tahir (Project Participant)

Project Details


• Extending the SQoS research to the practical level of network planning.
• Finding methods to automate the network planning process.
• Proposing the SQoS structures in real-world networks.
• Developing guidelines and principles for SQoS based planning.
• Studying the properties of SQoS structures.
• Proposal of new structures for network infrastructures.
• Using SQoS in combined wired and wireless infrastructures.
• Investigation of other application areas of SQoS.

• In the first step of implementing structures a manual/semiautomatic approach has been used with the support of a previous planning experience. A case study has been considered. This approach has formed an initial step toward the SQoS based network planning. The possibility of a fully automatic approach is being analyzed.
• Graph Theory and Analytical Geometry are being used to analyze network structures. In order to find a systematic and automatic approach, the use and development of algorithms are exercised.
• GIS information is used to make the planning process more automated modelling and simulations are being conducted for implementing structures.
• Conducting a study on wireless broadband technology parameters to find the possibility of combined wired and wireless infrastructure.
• After obtaining some experience of implementing structures, guidelines and planning prin-ciples will be elaborated. A reference model may be produced, which would guide the SQoS based network planning in detail.
• Development of one or more software tools supporting the analytical and deployment ac-tivities.
• Investigating the use of SQoS in other related fields, such as Linux clusters.
Effective start/end date15/10/200414/10/2007


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    • CNP / Center for Network Planning

      Madsen, O. B., Jensen, M., Riaz, T., Pedersen, J. M., Knudsen, T. P., Nielsen, R. H., Fjermestad, F., Jacobsen, J., Rasmussen, J., Thomsen, O. K., Andersen, J. R. & Sørensen, J. H.

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