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The SSETI Express is a student satellite managed by the Outreach Department of ESA. It is a large studentsatellite satellite of about 80 kg which is put together of satellite subsystems developed by students all over Europe. It was started in January 2004 and launch is expected to be in Q4 2005. The students of Aalborg university delivers the on board computer, the attitude and determination system (ADCS), the camera payload as well as the primary ground station of the satellite.

The onboard computer is a refitted version of the computer from AAUSAT II while the camera is a refitted version of the payload of AAU Cubesat. The ADCS is build solely for the SSETI Express.

The other payloads onboard the satellite is 3 cubesats which will be deployed in orbit as well as a flight test of a propulsion system and s-band antennas.
Effective start/end date01/01/200431/12/2005


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  • space
  • satellite
  • student build satellite
  • pico-satellite


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