Steam concrete storage

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The partners in the project would like to continue the development and implementation of the concrete storage technology. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the feasibility of the technology. This has been demonstrated for charging and discharging with thermal oil (temperature up to 370 C, i.e. corresponding to power-plant-pre-heating)1 and for that part of the project it is estimated that the technology is at TRL 6-7. The purpose of this study is furthermore to analyze the increased feasibility of operation with evaporation as well as superheating of steam up to high temperatures of 550 C; the charging will take place by means of steam either produced directly in the coal fired power block or in an electric high pressure steam boiler.

In the Steam Concrete Storage project, a new type of high temperature concrete storage will be designed, demonstrated in a demo-scale and tested with a steam loop. The experiences will be used for calculation of full-scale business concepts.

Aalborg CSP A/S and EnergyNest AS have jointly developed a costcompetitive steam thermal energy storage (TES) system, in which Aalborg CSP has the right to offer and apply the steam storage technology worldwide and Aalborg CSP therefore wants the technology to be developed. Aalborg CSP has contacted Aalborg University to be responsible for this development and Aalborg Energi Holding A/S/Nordjyllandsværket to host the demo plant. The objective of the HT Concrete storage project is
♦ Detail and simulate business cases for the full-scale steam TES system
♦ Design and build a scalable demo plant including control system to test performance of the storage and ability to fulfil demands in different business concepts
♦ Implementation and commissioning of the steam concrete storage demonstration plant system
♦ Monitor performance of the storage and compare results to simulations
♦ Calculate full scale business concepts.

Effective start/end date24/03/201731/08/2017


  • EUDP, Energinet: DKK500,329.00

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